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أداة MRT-dongle هي أداة إصلاح برامج الجوال للهواتف المحمولة بنظام Android

  • أفضل أداة لحركة الصينية موبايل إزالة وأداة فتح FRP
  • انها دعم MEIZU الهاتف المحمول فتح الحساب ، FRP ، كلمة المرور ، IMEI إصلاح ، وامض 
  • مثل MX4 و MX4 Pro و Note و M1 و M2 و Note2 و M3 و M3s و Note3 و Mx5 و MX5 Pro و MX6 و MX6 Pro و Meizu E و Meizu Max و Meizu U10 و Meizu U20 والمزيد

انها تدعم كلمة مرور XiaoMi إزالة بنقرة واحدة

  • مثل XiaoMi 5 و XiaoMi4 و Xiaomi 4s و xiao mi 4c و xiao mi 2 و xiao mi
  • RedMi 2،3، Note، Note1، Note2، Note3 and more
  • دعم جميع وميض شياو مي (بعض مجموعة تحتاج مي أداة فلاش)
  • دعم xiaoMiRedMi فتح حساب و FRP إزالة
  • دعم جميع OPO موبايل MTK وامض ، وفتح ، وإزالة FRP
  • دعم جميع فلاش المحمول لينوفو MTK وامض ، وإلغاء ، وإزالة FRP
  • دعم جميع المحمول VIVO MTK وامض ، وفتح ، وإزالة FRP ، IMEI إصلاح
  • Support all the Vivo Qualcomm mobile phone unlock Bootloader,remove FRP,remove account IMEI repair
  • Support Chinese mobile phone(normal MTK phone) flashing,read flash,format,IMEI repair

MRT-Dongle also supports Huawei Phone

  • Hisilicon CPU Huawei phone support Unlock Bootloader,Lock Bootloader,unlock FRP,remove account
  • Qualcomm CPU Huawei phone support unlocks Bootloader,Lock bootloader,unlock FRP,remove account
  • MTK CPU Huawei phone Support Unlock FRP,remove account,read flash,write flash,format

MRT Dongle is Mobile Repair Tool Dongle. 

The New Innovation of mobile phone software repair which with permanent can unlock many devices of android mobile phone.
A program specialized repair for flashing / Unlocking Meizu - Xiaomi - VIVO - HUAWEI -Coolpad and Much More All MTK Chip. 
It is the first universal data card for Flashing/unlocking product worldwide, MRT Dongle, can repair the devices and make it alive and Unlocking such as Accounts Unlock, Password Remove, and Bootloader Unlock is fast and No Need Activation or credit needed(takes 5 - 60 seconds to unlock).VERY EASY to use and functional program with clear interface and All repairing just need USB connection.

What Can Do with MRT Dongle ?

There are have many features inside the MRT Software, such as :

  • Supported with Aliyun OS system. 
  • Support X800,X800+,X900,X900+ & Etc.
  • BK Vivo FRP unlockimei repairflashing.
  • OPPO FRP unlockimei repairflashing.
  • HongMi(MTK CPU) unlock passwordfrp unlockimei repairflashing.
  • Supported with HUAWEI FRP RemoveUnlock BootloaderReLock Bootloader.
  • LeEco Qualcomm FRP Full Support (accountgoogle id) remove(connect the internet without lock again).
  • Meizu Phones without Open Mobile phone Flash and Unlock Password FRP (Account) Remove By One Click.
  • Supported all MTK Android Phone Set. Even last chip MT6580 or MTK X10 6753 6752 6595 6795 (Old CPU set like MTK 6575 6577 6572 6571 was supported also) at this time, 95% new set is 4G LTE SET and MTK Set mobile phone uses MT6290 base ICnow MRT is First Support IMEI Repair with it.

With free Big Button Style Open Port 9008 Engineering Flash Cable

  • How to use the cable single:

The mobile phone is turned off, press and hold the line into engineering, engineering and mobile phone line switch the power button for 5 seconds, the computer will "Ding Dong" sound, the device manager will find 9008 port;
Appear 9008 port that has successfully entered the depth of the brush model, and then use the millet brush machine tools to solve a variety of problems at once!

  • Main Function of Engineering line:

Can ignore the existence of BL lock, direct depth of the phone brush machine!
Engineering line can save brick:
This line is the line brush, brush machine for system software failure, if the mobile phone brick, recommended for font solution!

  • How to protect data to unlock:

الهاتف المحمول لفتح الحاجة إلى إدخال وضع REC ، من خلال مساعد لفتح ، إذا كان الهاتف لا يمكن أن يدخل وضع REC ، ثم لا يمكن استخدام هذا الكابل لحماية البيانات.

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